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Photo Courtesy of Jessica Bosquez

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Bosquez

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Hello, my name is Eric Lee Guzman and I'm a UX Designer based in Frisco, TX. User experience, digital video, and photography are subjects that I am very passionate about. For me, being a designer means that I must create an engaging experience that is based on data driven research. Memorable experiences adhere to all the basic design principles and clearly display a sense of hierarchy. More than anything else, I trust a person's innate behavior and have always made a conscious effort to maximize efficiency while minimizing user frustration that stems from a lack of human centered design. 

When I am not sitting in front of a computer screen, I enjoy simple pleasures like mountain biking and making music with my guitars. Most of my free time is spent shooting soccer photography. You can catch me at most FC Dallas home fixtures covering for Prost Amerika.